Current Exhibits at West Chicago City Museum

Made in West Chicago

Made in West Chicago. The City Museum will open its new spring exhibit “Made in West Chicago” during Blooming Fest on Saturday, May 21st. The City Museum is currently collecting stories from people who have worked at the Reid Murdoch Pickle Plant, Campbell Soup Mushroom Farm, General Mills or any of the other numerous businesses that have been part of West Chicago’s history. If you would like to be involved in the exhibit or share your story, please contact the City Museum at (630)231-3376 or

Nueva Exhibición: Hecho en West Chicago (Made in West Chicago) El Museo de la Ciudad abrirá su nueva exhibición de primavera Hecho en West Chicago (Made in West Chicago) durante Blooming Fest el sábado, 21 de mayo de 2016. El Museo de la Ciudad está actualmente colectando cuentos de gente quien ha trabajado en el Reid Murdoch Pickle Plant, Campbell Soup Mushroom Farm, General Mills o cualquier otro de los numerosos negocios que han sido parte de la historia de West Chicago. Si a usted le gustaría ser parte de la exhibición o compartir su cuento, por favor contacte al Museo de la Ciudad al (630) 231-3376 o


Building Community

This exhibit is on the second floor of the museum. It is presented in English and in Spanish.

Building Community explores the founding and evolution of the town of Turner, Illinois. Originally referred to as "Junction," Tuner was the location of the first railroad junction in Illinois. We are the birthplace of the Burlington Santa Fe railroad, as the first run by locomotive on that line went from Turner to Aurora. Turner changed its name to West Chicago in 1896 in an effort to draw more industry to the area. This semi-permanent exhibit also chronicles the experiences of the early settlers. How did they get to the area? What did they bring? What did they build? What did they do for fun?